Stay motivated and persistent in your job search, recognising that changing careers may take time and effort and be prepared that you may need to take an initial pay-cut in order to progress in your new career.

Find a mentor or coach who can provide guidance, support, and advice as you navigate your career transition.

Embrace change and be open to learning new things as you transition into a new career.

Develop a strong personal brand online and offline to showcase your expertise and passion in your new field.

Customise your CV to highlight relevant experiences, skills, and achievements related to your new career path.

Gain practical experience in your new field through volunteering or internships to build your CV and network.

Identify any skills gaps and take courses, workshops, or certifications to acquire new skills relevant to your desired career.

Connect with professionals in your target industry through networking events, LinkedIn, and informational interviews.

Explore various industries and roles to understand job requirements, growth potential, and market demand.

Evaluate your skills, strengths, interests, and values to identify suitable career options.

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