We all know that interviews are tough. There are so many things to be aware of: what do I wear? What do I take with me? What questions will they ask? Maybe one area which may not be at the forefront of your mind is how should I act? Should I play it cool? Should I be completely honest in all my answers? How should I sit? It’s so easy to become overwhelmed with information overload and forget, or even obsess over the preparation you have just done. Not to worry, with all interviews preparation is key to have you impress and get the job you want.

When it comes to being honest at your job interview, things can get a bit confusing. Being too honest can put potential employees off (‘too much information!’) but not being honest enough can lead to a whole host of problems if offered the role. As you can see, there is no definitive answer to how honest you should be as each interview will be different. Some will require absolute honesty (such as answering why you left your previous job) but also some discretion should be exercised (don’t tell your interviewer that you have 5 other interviews in the pipe line) so as to work in your favour. Make sure you keep a positive focus when being honest with your answers.

Your tone of voice and how you articulate your answer plays a huge part on how you look to your interviewer. Before you answer each question, make sure you take a moment to think about what the question entails you to say and whether you understand it. Rambling doesn’t look professional and can give the impression that you don’t think before you speak.

Connotations and emphasis on certain words can change the way in which you respond. For example, try saying ‘I never said she stole my money’ a few times with emphasis on a different word each time. See how the meaning changes? Also try not to take an aggressive or defensive tone- this can only imply negative things for your interviewer!  Never say anything negative about your former employers; try to be either neutral or positive.

Your body language should reflect your confident demeanour. Sit up straight, hands on the table and not your lap. Don’t bite your nails or start nervous tapping. Deep breathing before an interview can help with becoming more relaxed; as well as smiling. Smiling releases serotonin and endorphins- the good chemicals which make you feel happy and less stressed. Plus, a smile is infectious!

It’s important to remember that each interview will be different, and each company will have a criterion where only a handful of people will tick the majority of the right boxes. Staying positive, showing your best side and relax will give off the right attitude and help you on your way to the perfect job!






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