Video interviews are becoming a more and more common method with both employers and recruiters as an efficient, cost effective and valuable way to interview candidates.

With the Covid-19 lockdown and social distancing rules, over 90% of interviews are being conducted by video at present. This is a great way to keep everyone safe whilst still moving forward with your recruitment plans.

Post-Covid-19 crisis it’s likely that video interviews will continue to lead the way for employers, particular when conducting a 1st or 2nd stage interview.

So lets look at the pros and cons of video interviewing –

Pros –

  1. Its cost effective – There are many platforms which are free or cheap to use and as the candidate doesn’t need to leave home then this also cuts their transport costs which has an added benefit of helping the environment.
  2. It’s safe – With Covid-19 still being a threat, then not being physically face to face cuts the risk of infection. It also cuts the risk of the candidate running into other issues on route to the interview.
  3.  It’s effective – As long as each party has an updated and reliable platform and internet connection then there’s no reason why conducting a video interview won’t work. Most people will be using high-speed broadband and as long as your laptop/tablet etc is up to date the speed of the call should be reliable. Always make sure the app and operating system you are using are up to date before your interview as you may face an issue if you find the app is out of date just as you are about to join the video call.
  4. You can still ask the same questions as you would face to face – As long as you are prepared then the interview should be conducted as if you were conducting it traditionally and you should still be able to come to the same outcome if done correctly.
  5. It demonstrates that candidates are able to use IT – If a video interviews goes well without issue or the candidate is able to deal with technical issues swiftly then this can demonstrate to the interviewer that the candidate is confident using IT systems.
  6. It speeds up the interview process – Arranging a video interview can be a lot quicker to setup, as an employer you wont need to work out if a room is free (as you can do it from your own desk) or a parking space is going to be available and as a candidate you wont need to think about transport, where to go, delays in getting there etc.

Cons –

  1. Technology doesn’t always work – If the internet goes down, the electric goes off or either persons computer decides to be difficult then this will hinder the progress of the interview and may cause it to be cancelled or rescheduled which may delay your target time to hire.
  2. You may miss the physical aspects of a traditional interview – Some people say that video interviews don’t feel as authentic and your can’t warm to the candidate/interviewer as well as you probably would in a traditional interview, not being able to shake hands for instance or see how they interact with other team members which all help interviewers to see whether the interviewee is a suitable candidate.
  3. Not everyone has access to video interviewing technology – It’s very easy for people to assume that everyone has a laptop/smartphone etc but that isn’t always the case. Bear in mind that sometimes people wont have this access but don’t discount them. Try and accommodate the candidate by conducting a telephone interview or a safe face to face traditional interview as it could be seen as discrimination if you don’t help the candidate by looking at other interviewing options for them.

Remember to review your options with regards to which video platform is right for you, your business and your needs and also which platform will be accessible to your candidates. For example, don’t opt for a platform which only works on Apple or you have to pay to subscribe as this will likely eliminate some candidates from being able to have an interview.

Security, ease of use and reliability will obviously need to be scoring high too so ensure these all check out before jumping for the one which might have trendy branding.

With the right platform in place, video interviewing will prove to be an extremely valuable tool to your recruitment process and attractive to most of your candidates too.



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